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The technique of silver carp fishing


Silver carp, which belongs to the upper class fish in the water, is mainly eaten by plankton. It is difficult for ordinary hands to catch fish. Now I'll give you a brief introduction of how the fishing line is fishing for silver carp.

First of all, the fishing rod should choose 4.5 or 3.6 meters of 46 pole. Fishing line should be selected line 1.5, sub line 0.8, soft rod thin line can contain the force of the fish.

Then prepare the bait, because the silver carp is happy to eat the acid food, so it is better to make a dough of steamed bun or oil stick the week before fishing, put it in a sealed bucket and let it ferment for a week. When you go fishing, take a small group of water and pour it into a paste and then pour into a little white powder. (the white powder here is one of the white powder. " Add additives to water, put in a package of food bait, and knead the bait as evenly as possible.

Second, start the marking, fishing silver carp marking method is, double hook with bait two eyes, fishing the number of eyes, suitable conditions, generally fishing two eyes, two eyes do not, fishing two and a half, no longer fishing three eyes, and then analogous. As the silver carp belongs to the upper water fish, the purpose of the silver carp is to lead the fish to the bottom of the water to feed the fish. First, we should start to play the nest like the fishing pole, but this one is different from the other ones. With a bait rod, when the buoy stands up, the rod is raised for about ten times. Then, the pedestal moves up to the middle of the water, or with a double hook with a bait rod. It is also when the mark comes up, throwing up the rod for about fifteen times. Finally, it is just about 5 centimeters away from the bottom, and then the double hook with the bait rod, twenty times in a row, so the forty or fifty bait is thrown, because the bait is added to the white powder. It is a bait from top to bottom. White powder plays a role of atomization in water, thus forming a white pillar in the water, thus forming a three-dimensional nest.

Finally, they are ready to fish and fish. The fish blister of silver carp is more than a dozen of small bubbles. Why should the hook be 5 centimeters away from the bottom. Because silver carp is living in the fat water, the pond bottom silt accumulation, if the fish sucks bait in the water, it will inevitably suck the sludge into the mouth. So it's about 5 centimeters away from the bottom. The reaction of the silver carp to the bait is very small, and the small one is only 1/3 eyes at the time. It needs a sensitive reaction. When the fish swam into the bait, the buoy is rocking up and down first, the top and bottom of the mark fluctuate very much. Sometimes, there is a flash in the top and bottom of the mark. There is a powerful 1/3 eye in one eye. Fish, this requires the fishing hand to respond quickly, and the time to raise the rod should be grasped in the instant that the fish suck the bait into the mouth, which requires many years experience of the angler. When the fish is hooked, don't rush to get the fish ashore. Fried fish when the fish will technique is to force, you put the force to it, so awesome, but to make a fresh fish. The essentials is fish, you are awesome, fish do not force, you will finish, plus 46 of the fishing rod, this is the use of Tai Chi 42 pounds. At last the big silver carp came into the net.