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How to choose the sea fishing lead


Many fishing friends now like to use the fishing fishing rod, many fishing books also introduced the sea pole with the fall problem, some say "hollow dead fall" good, and some say "hollow live falling" good. What kind of lead drop is good for sea pole?

1, the use of "hollow dead Pendant" do not grasp the opportunity to raise rods. The effective time from the fish bite to the lift is too short, and the range of "hollow dead Pendant" is 4 - 6 centimeters. It is thought that such information is fast, the fish bite can be hooked and can reduce the rate of running fish. However, the use of "hollow dead Pendant" has been found to have the phenomenon of running fish every time. Why? This is due to the reason that the effective time of the rod is too short, which is related to the fast and slow motion of the fishing, the slow motion of the rod or the far away from the rod, and the running fish in the failure of the bait to be made in time. With the "dead fall", the fish bite after the fish bite, the fish move a little move to lead the fall, reflected on the pole is a sudden and violent big head, the time is very short to lift the pole, and so you are not the fish has spit the hook, that is, hook on the mouth of the fish, no time a bit late. Young people a little better, the elderly reflect a little slower, the timing of the rod is not good, but also because the fishing line is coarser (especially in the wind), the pendant should be aggravated, if the hook is not sharp, or the water temperature is low, the rod tip plus the lead fall is two pull, easier to run fish.

2, the use of "hollow live Pendant" to grasp the opportunity to raise rods. Relatively speaking, "live falling" run less fish, because the use of "live falling", when the fish bite the hook can freely move a certain distance, the hook sucks in the fish mouth of the foreign body feeling small, because it is "live falling" and only a pull force of the pole, reducing a falling pull, the fish has a certain movement space, the obstacle is less, the hook will pierce in. In the fish mouth, it is reflected on the tip of the stick slowly and lightly, and then it is a big move and a big nod. When the tip of the pole moves and nods, it will catch the fish in time. This shows that the information process of the fish bite on the "live falling" is a little longer than that of the "dead fall", and the fisherman can take a leisurely lift, which reduces the rate of running fish.

By contrast: the use of "hollow dead Pendant" requires the quick response of the fisherman and the eye to the pole; the use of the "live Pendant" can be slightly slower, but it can not be ignored. What kind of plummet is better for the sea pole? It is necessary for fishing friends to choose in combination with the actual situation at that time.