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Winter fishing for crucian carp eight


In fishing, although there is a "good fishing in the spring and autumn of the four seasons, into the winter of the winter, the crucian carp" is a proverb to show that the warm water carp can not be caught even after the winter, even if it is cold, not like other kinds of fish. But in the specific fishing process, we should pay attention to the following eight unsuitable choices for the weather, the right place and the fishing techniques and fishing methods.

One, choose good weather, not to catch cold

Fishes belong to cold blooded and warm animals, so the whole life habit of the living environment changes as the temperature of the living environment is affected by the temperature.

Because of this reason, the "winter catch of crucian carp" in winter is not equal to catching any crucian carp at any time in this season. Really relatively good fishing, also have to choose the "sunny day" in winter, especially if a week or so of fine weather, the temperature will be more stable, early and late and noon 12~15 degrees of water temperature is more permanent to constant. As the saying goes, "autumn fishing is cloudy, winter fishing is fine, and the five day sunshine is like fishing for spring". If winter really meets this rare sunny weather, that's the best time to catch crucian carp.

Of course, the cloudy days in winter and even more cold snowy days, as long as the water constant temperature in a considerable period of time is not less than 5 degrees below the minimum critical feeding temperature of the crucian carp, it will be "sleep" and not "die", and bite the hook. But if the sudden cold caused the water temperature to suddenly drop to less than 5 degrees, the fish would be particularly unfit for this unexpected condition and form a postnatal "panic disorder" that would temporarily stop feeding. So, a lot of experienced fishing friends, once every year after the winter, often "winters do not want to catch the grass carp, cold carp gnawing also rest" this fishing idea to arrange their own time and a sudden cold weather, even in the home idle, also unwilling to go fishing.

Two. It is not suitable to give up the shade of the sun.

It is known that the saying "winter fishing Yang" is usually understood with two basic concepts: one is the day of the sun in the season, and the two is that at any time in the season, the sun should be caught on the sun.

However, through practice, the author thinks that the former is understandable and the latter is one-sided. That is to say, when the sun is shining on the sunny side, it will be warmer than the gloomy part, so the fish will be easy to gather and catch. But dialectically, even with the sun, before sunrise, the cold air is covered by the cold fog and especially without the sun. The water temperature is not as good as the bend in the bank, the dense forest of grass, and the obstruction of the shade. It is because of this reason that, according to the living conditions and rules of the fish, they will not go to the nest in the "heavy disaster area" on the sunny surface and have to dive into the "natural habitat" of the inhabited place. Therefore, in winter, when choosing the advantageous position of "winter fishing Yang", we can not give up the timely "catching Yin" to be more scientific, more practical and more fruitful.

Three. If the water level is appropriate, it should not be too deep to catch

"Deep winter fishing" is also a basic knowledge of fishing and a habit of many fishing friends. But if we understand "deep" simply according to what some people call "deep water crucian carp, the deeper the better," it seems a bit one-sided and divorced from reality. Although the water temperature has summer "deep" and "cool", "deep" and "warm", the natural law of "warm" is relatively suitable for the living environment of fish, but the deeper the water, the amount of oxygen dissolved will be reduced. So, according to the related data of fish Science, the experience of the forefathers of the fishing industry shows that even the cold carp and carp, Winter is usually only 4~6 meters deep in the bottom of the bottom habitat is the most suitable for its living environment and not the deeper the better, especially the crucian carp in a good sunny day, will go to a more shallow place to swim for food. Of course, what we call "shallow" here will not be as shallow as seeds produced in spring, or at least 2.5 meters.

In fact, the phrase "fish is the key" is the phrase "deep winter fishing". Therefore, in winter, if the fishing position is not determined, it will not be as good as expected.

Four, the feeding color is strong, it should not be much light

To a certain extent, fishing is more important than bait. Especially in the winter, in the case of little swimming and lazy fish, the bait should pay attention to both the Luzhou flavor and the fresh color. In order to stimulate the smell and vision of the fish with "fragrance" and "color", the fish cluster into the nest can be "strong". For example, the red "Musk rice" with commercial bait, yellow "lure the fish more" and traditional bait white medicine rice grain, mash rice (dry) rice and other good bait, such as the best bait, the effect is quite good, but first feed a proper amount, follow up less.

If the material is not fresh, and there is no special flavor, even a few days, more than ten days ago, "chowder" Chen Er, and in the absence of fish bite on the habit of feeding and feeding frequently. This feeding method, not only because of the odor and odour of the old bait, the more the more it does not play the role of lure, but on the contrary, it only vibrate like the sound of the sand and scare the fish in the surrounding area. Therefore, the feed for winter fishing should not be old, light, and heavy.