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Classification and characteristics of fishing lines


Today's chemical fiber lines are usually divided into:

1. Nylon single strand is made of nylon raw material and heated. It is the most commonly used fishing line. It is colorless and transparent, so it is also called glass nylon line. Nylon single wire with the same diameter of the cotton and linen wire are stronger, the elasticity is better, and the sensitivity is very high, but this kind of fishing line is hard under the condition of low water temperature, and it will age and harden for a long time.

Two, nylon thread is made of many nylon fibers. It has enough toughness and strong tensile strength. The strong horse line is one of them. Because of its high tensile strength and good abrasion resistance, the first people to make it around the wheel, to make a hook line at sea, and to catch ferocious fish. This line is very soft and not hard at low temperature, but in the hand fishing, we usually do not use it as the main line, because this line is light, floating in the water, the water speed is very slow, after eating water, the transparency is also poor, it is very easy to be found by the fish. When the rod is lifted, the line is out of water, so it is easy to frighten the fish away.

Three, carbon fiber line, its surface layer is treated by special high molecular weight. This line is sun resistant, extremely resistant to aging, and has a high specific gravity. The proportion of the "water elves" carbon line in the shuttle fishing line is as high as 1.8. Carbon line sinks in water quickly, water cut is also very good, light refraction in water is very low, so in competitive sports, often use this line to do the main line.

Four, FireWire, we often use it to make a fishing rod for fishing carp and grass carp. Because it is soft and hard, the tension is very large and has no ductility, but it floated in water and sinks slowly.

Five, ceramic line, it is a nylon line, it is a kind of nylon line, usually light blue, light purple, very high transparency, not easy to bend, cut water fast, the rod is not easy to surprise the fish, long time bubbles, pulling force is not affected, tension is 2 times the ordinary nylon line, it is very good to do the main line.