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The choice of fishing points in offshore


How to choose fishing points is the key to success in fishing.

  One, fishing port wharf

  This refers to the fishing port, the port of operation and the ferry terminal. Among them, loading and unloading Wharf in fishing port and port of operation is better. Because the water is deep and the waves are quiet, the fish are hiding everywhere, and the food cars are rich. Such as the fishing port wharf, there are dead fish, rotten shrimp, stinky crab and other fishermen lost to the sea; the grain wharf leaks the surplus grain into the sea when loading and unloading, so that the fish will not have to travel for the long time, so it can gather a large number of sea fish foraging for the shelter. The ferry terminal is noisy and relatively poor because of the people coming in, but the steamed bun which is thrown into the sea when the ferry boat is in the sea, the ferry will take the tea on the sea, and the ferry port is fine, and it is easy for the fish to come along with the tide, especially when the boat stops at night. In these places, the fishing points are chosen as far as the culverts are covered under the wharf, the working area for loading and unloading, the cement columns in the sea, the sea and the rocks outside the breakwater of the fishing boats or the ferry terminal. These places are the fish gathering points, which are chosen as most of the fishing points.

  Two, fishing sea dike Beach

  The sea embankment refers to the cross sea levee and the coastal moisture-proof embankment. Generally speaking, most of the cross sea dykes are built on the narrowest point between the two sides of the Strait, blocking the sea and blocking the migration routes of fish. A large number of rocks and embankment facilities dumped in the sea formed artificial reef areas on the bottom of the sea, and a large number of fish and shrimp can also be gathered over time. Fishing in this kind of sea, we can choose the depth of 2 meters in the left stone, where there are many reefs (better in front of the reefs), and the bend of the bay mouth. If the levee has a gate or a levee extending into the sea, it is selected at the two sides of the gate, the corner of the dike and the middle terminal. Conditions permit, the boat can be angled in the deep water reef area of the dike. If you are fishing on a dampproof embankment, try to choose a place where there is a large beach in the sea of the dike with the bottom of the sea pole; if the dampproof embankment is segmented and extends into the sea, it can be between the segments, or the base of the sea entry point, or on the edge of the rock area.

  Three, fishing fish steak

  Fish steak refers to the cage for the fishermen to breed famous and precious fish. Because the fish row is selected in the clean and clean sea, calm and suitable for fish growth in the Gulf. Therefore, the fish itself is very rich. The fish steak and the water surface built around the fish row provide the best shelter for the fish, and the fish from the sea when the fishermen feed the fish provide a rich food for the fish, so the fish under the fish row are more and more beautiful. Natural fish steak is also an ideal fishing ground for anglers. In the fishline fishing and fishing spots, the sea area at the edge of the net cage can be selected, the edge of the cage or the fisherman feeding the fish at the bottom of the cage. In the same way, pearl farms, shellfish or kelp breeding bases, shrimp farms are also good places for sea fishing. In addition, if the conditions permit, fishing friends take the fishing boats to the coastal fishing ground or to the sea islands and reefs, and the fishing is more ideal, and the harvest will be more and more interesting. But not usually the fishing friends can do it. Apart from selecting fishing spots, we must also master the laws of tides. The biggest characteristic of sea fishing is different from fresh water fishing. Shuo Shui has great influence on fish feeding. When the tide rises to half a time, the sea fish bait very fiercely. Therefore, the selection of fishing points must be carried out according to the tide. The author has a fishing friend introducing a method of calculating the rising tide. (1) the first day of the lunar calendar, fifteen is the meridian tide, the time of the rise of the tide is 12 points in the middle of the night and 12 at noon. (2) in the first half of the month, the number of lunar calendar days will be 0.8, the number of Chinese lunar calendar days will be reduced by 15 in the second half of the month, and then multiplied by 0.8. For example, the lunar calendar nineteen is: (19-15 * 0.8 = 3.2 hours), that is, the morning tide at 3:12 and 3:12 p.m. This method is simple and easy to calculate, and the calculation is basically consistent with the actual flood tide time. Of course, there are a lot of fishing points to choose from. Fishing friends need to ponder carefully in fishing practice, actively explore and be brave enough to discover.