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Bean powder fishing in the basket


Hu Dou (broad bean) powder, that is, to turn Hu Dou into fine powder, and into Hu Dou powder. The bean powder has the smell of raw beans, yellowish, easy to fish and easy to eat. It is an effective bait for fishing crucian carp. There are two methods for making pea powder:

First, the present usage: on the eve of fishing, a few grains of beans are first taken to the shell, and then one grain is grinded into a powder on the file and sped into a glass bottle or a plastic bottle. This kind of freshly used bean powder is fresh, raw bean gas is very strong, and the effect is particularly good.

Two, we should use the reserve method as follows: to buy 1 kg of soybean in the farm market, and the best is green peas and beans. First, burn in a pot to make a pitting on a pea shell. Fried beans are ground without powder, and two are sticky. First use a small knife to remove the shell, then use a stone mill or a crusher to do it 3-4 times. The better the powder is, the better the stickiness. Put the fine powder in the glass bottle and seal it.

Method for the use of bean powder: after reaching the fishing ground, select a few and more than a dozen fishing points to use "medicine rice" to make a good nest, and then pour a little bean powder in the left palm of the palm, add 30% of the flour, dip the right middle finger in the shore with a few drops of water in the powder, mix and knead 10 to make the powder dry and soft and moderate powder. If the powder is dried, add a few drops of water, if the powder is thinner, then add a little bit of bean powder, then make the soft and moderate powder, then wrap it with leaves or leaves, so as not to dry quickly and use bad. When using powder, pick the mung bean size and weight, hang it on the hook tip, pinch it with your hands, and put the powder on the hook.

Fishing method with bean powder as bait is best to go fishing. Hand-held fishing rod, back and forth fishing under a dozen units, if there are carp hooks on the hook, fishing on a few, to use "medicine rice" to fill the nest, after a while back back fishing. In this way, each nest will have a good harvest when it comes back and forth.

The advantage of using bean powder to catch crucian carp is much more:

One is the high fishing rate. Hu Dou powder has the characteristics of coloured, fragrant and flavour. Crucian carp is especially fond of it, especially in waters with more water quality.

Two is the cost of low cost. Hu Dou can buy anywhere and only about one yuan, and he can buy 1 jin Hu Dou. If you fish once a week, 1 kg of bean powder can be used for 1 years.

The three is followed by use. Put the grinded bean powder into a glass bottle and seal it and place it in a dry place. Carassius auratus powder can be used for fishing season. It is available throughout the year.

The four is to eliminate the interference of small fishes. Because the bean powder has a strong flavor of raw beans, other small fish are not interested in the bean powder, nor do they swallow. There is no small fish in the nest, the carp will come to the nest, and keep it long. There is no interference from the small fish in the nest. The fisherman's thought concentrates, the buoy is moving, and then the pole is given to the crucian carp, and the mood is especially comfortable.

Five. It is not easy to remove the hook from the powder. Because of the large viscosity of the bean powder, it is difficult to unhook after launching, and it stays longer in the water and reduces the trouble of changing the bait repeatedly.

Six. It's good and sanitary. The preserved bean powder is simple in storage, easy to carry, convenient to use and more hygienic.