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Several ways to catch crucian carp


No matter how advanced experience is, we must not apply it mechanically, and proceed from reality and take corresponding measures according to local conditions.

1. late autumn and early winter fishing carp.

Carassius auratus is originally a bottom fish. How can it float? This is a fishing technique adopted under certain conditions. Because of the gradual decrease in temperature this season, fish seldom swim. But if in the high cliff of the high cliff of the sun, shave 1~2 levels of southwest wind, in the 11~14 point, the water surface temperature is slightly higher and the amount of oxygen in the water is more, often can see the group of carp floating game playing, sun, some of the dorsal fin exposed to the surface of the water (slightly disturbed then dive immediately) This is a good time to fish for carp. When fishing, it is better to choose the fishing position in the concealed place with grass or sand dunes, with long pole and short line, without falling, without drifting, putting on earthworm bait, and dipping some essence, gently and slowly bringing the bait hook to the near shore or side side of the fish group, not to the center of the fish group, in case the fish are scattered after the hook is hooked. A group of floating crucian carp must be near and far away. After the fish is hooked, it must not be allowed to make water. After shaking the stick, the fish will pull to the shore or the side of the fish. Under normal circumstances, heavy 15O to ZOO grams of crucian carp after the hook does not need to slip, can be straight to shore. If the fish is still in the sun or oxygen, the bait that has not been found has been found, and the bait can be displayed gently up and down or with a light shakes pole to improve its visibility and bait the fish. Be careful not to leave your hands, but to lift your poles with your hands. When catching a group of crucian carp fishing, we should sprinkle the prepared lamb oil and wheat bran to lure fish. Because the oil is not submerged, it will be blown to the edge of the floater or the water foam, and it will be combined with the bait hook below the rod tip and form a small upsurge on the fish.

2. arches.

In hot summer, some ponds are covered with duckweed, especially in coastal waters. When you open a hole and want to nest, you close it later. It's hard to hook. In this environment, the arches are ideal. The fishing tackle is very simple: a long pole and a short line about 4O cm long from the pole to the bait hook. This kind of fishing law is based on careful observation and active attack. When you hear the sound of "bar and bar", it is the sound of the carp swallowing. At the same time, it is often seen that there is a carp arching in the sound of the duckweed, or a duckweed bag, or even an extension of the head in the water. After the above phenomenon, we must seize the opportunity to bait the hook to the crucian carp. If the hook is not seen, the fish should be hooked and pulled up and down to catch the fish and show the visibility of the bait. If you have a feel for a pole, a rod will get a fish. In this fishing method, the upper hooks are larger and smaller. Fishing arch, all rely on intelligent, quick hand movements, avoid fishing group Weng, talk. Because the fish can not be frightened, it is very important to prevent all kinds of interference. Fishing should be selected in a quiet place, so as to listen to the sound of "bang bang" and observe "convex hull" or "floating head". Sometimes these developments may be frogs, but they are characterized by running along the duckweed, one arch and one line, while the crucian carp is moving upward and downward. In this regard, we should pay attention to the difference.

3. "spring fishing shoals".

After the Qingming period in northern China, an ice free and clear water area can be formed under the leeward side of the pond to the sunny slope. Here, the water temperature is high, the oxygen is more sufficient, after a long hunger and cold "cat winter" crucian carp, often to the water to find food or warm oxygen inhalation although small individuals, but the vigilance is very high, a little shocked to escape. If you can find shelter, and try to avoid shaking the fish and fishing rod, you can get a better fishing effect. The fishing position can only be selected on the sunny leeward side of the high slope, only after the frozen melted area. After the exploration is clear and the fishing position is selected, it is better to feed the nest on the first day of the evening. After second days of 1O fishing, it will often be happy and satisfied. If there is no sand dunes or mounds for hiding before the fishing, it is best to build a pile of grass artificially, or take a concealed place with an approximate shore cloth or a straw bag. Otherwise, after the fish is frightened, the bait of the nest is good, and it does not dare to eat. The length of the fishing rod should be chosen according to the distance between the terrain or the concealment. If it is near the water surface, it is better to operate with small short poles. If the water is far away from the water, the pole should be lengthened accordingly. Do not use weights, do not add drift, with the feeling of rods to judge the timing of lifting rods. During this period, the crucian carp should be lightly caught. Small and sharp fishing hooks must be selected. Bait should not be larger than the grain size, and the hooks should be exposed. As the weather becomes warmer and warmer, the fishing point can be gradually extended to the pond. At the same time, it can be caught and added to float in the pond. The catch also increases with the rising temperature of the water.